I have always had an interest in film. For as long as I can remember, I was fascinated with remembering actors names and rewatching films until I had the whole script memorized. My favorite childhood memories are watching films with my folks at the theaters.


I started Film school at Scottsdale Community College in August of 2018 and started pursuing a degree in film and media production. After deciding this career path, I was so excited that I told everybody including some friends and family in Australia. Turns out, a few actually work in the industry. They work at Seven West Media in Sydney and they were able to offer me an internship as a production assistant. So I booked a ticket and stayed with them for 6 months and found my love for being on set. 


Not long after being on set, I had to return home due to borders closing because of the COVID-19 outbreak. From 2020 to 2022, I had saved up for a passion project highlighting my travels around the world. This includes returning back to Australia to meet up with some old friends. So far, I have 6 episodes posted of the series which includes a POV photography episode around Zurich, Switzerland. 


Shortly after returning home from those adventures, I was a part of the first inaugural Production Assistant class at Scottsdale Community College. This class was hosted by the APA and the Arizona Film Office. Being a part of that first class led me to a volunteer position at the Art Department at SCC, which turned into a job four weeks later. I currently moonlight as a construction grip for their film and theater program. In general, my job consists of building, welding, and painting sets and hanging lighting equipment for the studio or theater productions.


 The PA Workshop trained and certified me as a production assistant. Which has led me to working on commercials, live events, and TV productions. I hope to one day work up from PA to Assistant Camera Op and with more practice, my goal is to take past and future experiences and become a Camera Operator and eventually Director of Photography. 

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling and creating content highlighting those adventures. Most recently I was able to travel around the world in 30 days bouncing around Europe, Asia, Australia, & America. More content to follow shortly.

I welcome any and all opportunities. If you have any, please reach out and I would love to work with or for you.

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Encompasses my most recent production shoots and completed set builds for Scottsdale Community Colleges Film and Theater Department

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