Around the World in 30 Days!

     After Covid had died down and airports started opening up again I caught the traveling bug. I found that if you got a one way ticket in a certain direction and kept traveling in that direction it was the same price as a round trip ticket. This a video that’s part of a larger series where I produced, directed, shot, and edited myself; theyre were a few surprises along the way but it was an amazing learning experience. I ended up in 7 countries across 4 continents in less than 30 days. 

Production Assistant

     During my time as a production assistant, I had the pleasure of supporting some great teams through the production stages of the project. I always enjoy helping different departments and keep everybody energized with a coffee run.

Directing a Short Narrative Film


     In April of 2023, I put a small team together to help make my first narrative short film. With a student film budget, friends, and family we made a film on 16mm using a refurbished Bolex Reflex from the 1970s.  

Starring Kaleb Papali’i and Gary Sattelberger

A special thanks to those involved: David Danielson, Jay Kowal, Jay Barber, Tia Clark, & Emmanuel Burleson. 


Behind the Scenes VLOG of NAPI-SAN

Set Construction

     I started volunteering at Scottsdale Community College’s Art Department in October of 2022 and was hired in November of the same year. My main job as a construction grip allows me to be able to build studio sets for film and theater productions. I do this while safely operating power and hand tools and equipment, I am also responsible for following build directions and ensuring sturdy building standards.


     I started learning how to edit on Avid during my classes at Scottsdale Community College. I have since found that I prefer Adobe Premiere for my own personal projects. Here I have attached a travel vlog that I have filmed produced and edited focusing on my travels to Italy!

Other Projects